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Josh In Costume At
Fright Week

SBAN Atlanta Member Raises $3,000 for BT Atlanta!

In September of this year, Joshua Heller, Breakthrough Atlanta 2005 Teacher Alumni and current
SBAN intern, was elected philanthropy chair of the Beta Theta Pi fraternity.  Josh shared his
passion for Breakthrough Atlanta with his house and six more brothers are now teaching during
the School Year Program.

Each year around Halloween, Beta Theta Pi (Beta for short) partners with the Delta Delta Delta
Sorority to host an event called fright week.  The brothers turn the fraternity into a themed haunted
house, charge an admission for the two day event, and split the proceeds between Delta Delta
Delta’s national charity, St. Jude’s Cancer Research Hospital, and Beta’s choice for the year.  For
the past five years they have chosen the American Cancer Society, but Josh was so in love with
Breakthrough Atlanta that he insisted they give the money to them.  The house was split on the
issue and they planned to vote on which charity to support.  That night, Josh came prepared with a
student’s last homework assignment; to write a letter from a perspective 10 years later projecting
where the student would be as they graduated college.  Once Josh completed reading the letter
from this student there was no need to vote.  

During Fright Week 2005, Beta Theta Pi collected $2200 from a letter sent to their friends and
family seeking support, $2700 from ticket sales through out campus, $800 from local sponsors and
a $300 Beta Brotherhood gift.  In total the event raised $6000.  Josh presented a check to the
Breakthrough Staff as a surprise on the last day of the School Year Program’s fall semester.

Josh later said, “As an Intern for SBAN, I am constantly privileged to witness the passion for
education, youth development, and social justice within a growing network seeking to unite all
20,000+ SB/BT alumni.  Whether you are a former student, teacher, or leader of a Summerbridge
or Breakthrough program, you are changed for the better due to the remarkable SB/BT Spirit.  
Because of the opportunity we have been given,
we, as alumni, need to ensure that every
students teaching students" program is financially supported so that every SB/BT student,
teacher, and leader can understand the magic within them.  As much as I would have liked to
donate $3000 to Breakthrough Atlanta out of my own pocket, I simply do not have the resources.  
However, I did have a network outside of SBAN, that I knew could rally behind what SBAN and
Breakthrough Atlanta stands for
"...we, as alumni,
need to ensure that
every 'students
teaching students'
program is financially
supported so that
every SB/BT student,
teacher, and leader
can understand the
magic within them"
- Joshua Heller, BT
Atlanta Teacher '05,
SBAN Intern