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Nominate your fellow SB/BT Alums

We want alums to open their lives to us, share their experiences, and regale us with their stories. We’d
like to get to know y’all better, but we need recommendations. Therefore, we are requesting nominees
for a monthly alumni interview feature. We want to hear about fascinating alumni, and we need you
to be our detectives!

Who to Nominate: Anyone who has a story or a perspective you think is well worth sharing.  SB/BT folk
who have inspired you.  Your SB/BT mentors. Your SB/BT students.  Your SB/BT buds.  Heck, even

Click Here To Make A Nomination

Next, We Will:

1.      Study your statements to determine who might make an interesting story.
2.      Contact the individual and beg for an hour or so of their time.  
3.      Notify you if your nomination was accepted (assuming your nominee is willing).  
4.      Compile his/her stunning thoughts and stories into a riveting website article for you and the rest
of the SBAN community to enjoy.

***We expect that you will overwhelm us with nominees; therefore, we cannot promise everyone a
feature. Please withhold your disappointment and rage.  If we do not choose your nominee, it does not
mean we were not enthralled by your statement - it just means there are too many fascinating SB/BT
alums in the world!