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SBAN recognizes that volunteers are the heart of our organization, and only through them can we
achieve our common vision.  We appreciate you taking the time to consider joining our SBAN "Leaders
Developing Leaders" volunteer team..  Check here often for updates on how you can volunteer in your
local Alumni Community or for the SBAN Main office located in Atlanta, GA.  You do not need to be a
resident of GA to volunteer but you do need to have the SB/BT Spirit!  

If you are ready to start now and would like additional information, please feel free to contact us at

What is an SBAN volunteer?
  • A member of the SBAN family OR a friend of SBAN whom shares our vision
  • A representative of SBAN beliefs
  • A continuously developing leader
  • A unique and diverse individual contributing talents and positive energy

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Current Volunteer Opportunities
Here is a list of volunteer opportunities available to all members regardless of location.

Online Communities Team
Develops conference calling, online discussion thread, and online chat services so that alumni can continue to
connect with and learn from each other after the regional conferences.  Creates a password protected, online
"School Ratings" service, where alumni rate boarding schools, colleges, graduate schools, and summer
programs.  Also, creates password-protected online listservs for alumni to post opportunities such as jobs,
internships, scholarships, conferences, and local services.  

Organizational Learning Team
Develops SBAN’s capacity to learn consistently from its experiences and supports other volunteer teams as they
develop organizational learning strategies for their own group, and works closely with the Technology
Information and Support Intern (TISI) to improve how we collect and manage information.  Also, manages the
annual survey on effect of SBAN and SB/BT sites on alumni.

Interest Communities Team
Develops online and phone tools to support the virtual communities and trains participants on how to use the
tools.  Holds organizers accountable for deliverables and sets up virtual communities out of the groups formed at
the Spring conferences.  Also, provides individual coaching and ongoing support to organizers and leads the
development of yearly goals and new strategies for organizers

Information Technology Team
Oversees the technical development of our online tools, including the
  • Online database
  • Web site/blog/e-newsletter
  • Volunteer matching service
  • Online donation service
  • Education “consumer reports”
  • School representatives roster
  • LinkedIn
  • Opportunities Board
  • Community listservs
  • Member surveys
  • Site recruiter database

Develops new ways to integrate these online tools into a cohesive system.  Also, manages the web designer and
other expert consultants, as needed, and works closely with the Director of Organizational Learning to improve
how we manage information.

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