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Club 12 Members

Grouped by Program

Andre Merriweather
Barry Peterson

Caroline John (BT Parent)
Erin Washington
Eugene Young
Felicia Lewis
James Randall
Jennifer Lerner
Josh Heller
Kelli Watts
L'Heureux Lewis
Lisa Napier
Maurice Riley
Nick Lewis
Sherita Gassaway
Simone Manning (SB
Keno Sadler

Tim Welbeck
Vinita Ahuja

Brian Radley
Jessica D'Arcy
Nanette Limas
Natalie Gray

Boca Raton
Aaron Bass
Paula Allen

Andrew Kelsey
Andy Shin
Teresa Rodriguez

Jessica Heard
Kevin Koller

Day School
Al Gonzales

Amy Valore-Caplan
Ben Valore-Caplan

Fort Lauderdale
Aaron Bass

Fort Worth
Keno Sadler
Jessica D'Arcy

Rhea Wong

Hong Kong
Minh Tsai
Rhea Wong
Shirely Man

BT Long Island
Andy Shin
Gerard Griffith

Los Angeles
Connie Chan
Amy Walia-Fazo

Amy Walia-Fazo
Cybthia Krohn
Joel Vargas
Kate Erskin
Natalie Gray

Archie McNealy
Darren Isom
James Randall
Jason Freeman
John Flickinger
Keno Sadler
Malcolm Gossett
Roberto Miki

New Orleans
Christina Dixon
Darren Isom
Minh Tsai
Rina Khemlani

New Orleans
Christina Dixon
Hunter Pierson
James Randall
Njema Frazier

New Haven
Catherine Goldenheim
Janieasha Freelove-Sewell
Felicia Lewis
Jeffrey A. Grigg
L'Heureux Lewis
Natalie Gray

Jennifer Lerner
James Randall

SB Pittsburgh
Christina Dixon
Jason Freeman
Matthew Byars

Providence SB
Al Gonzales
Amy Valor-Caplan
Ben Valor-Caplan
Celeste Malone
Katherine Onoroto
Michael Goldstein

Judy Wong

San Diego
Christina Dixon

San Francisco(UHS)
Al Gonzales
Andrew Kelsey
Jeffrey A. Grigg
Joel Vargas
Minh Tsai
Njema Frazier
Rhea Wong
Tara Phillips

BT San Jose
Al Gonzales

SB at the Town
Dan Marmar
Rhea Wong
Sam Marks

Amber Rosenburg
Tara Phillips

Friends Of SBAN
D. Geoffrey Webster
Dana Clay
Dana L. Owens
Eleanor Hicks
Farish Sawyer
George Jones
Henry Goodgame
Jeremy Dollar
Jeremy Klein
Lara Lowman
Nick Bassey
Tiffiani Williams
Tim Ramler

Welcome to the CLUB

Goodbye!? More like, talk to you later

It is hard to believe, but the summer has almost passed us by. SB/BT programs are wrapping up which means that tears will surely come with the goodbyes. However, thanks to SBAN, “goodbye” is now “talk to you later” or “see you at the next event” as alumni communities are planning events nationwide to welcome the newest members of SBAN to the club.

This is a great opportunity for you, as a member of SBAN, to share with our newest additions the connections and resources you’ve found through SBAN. Please share with us any story you may have about how SBAN helped you find a job, learn about a career, reconnect you with an old friend-anything! We’d love to hear it and share it.

Celebrate SB/BT

I’d like to encourage you to visit a local site if you haven’t yet this summer. Try to catch a graduation or culmination event and relive that wonderful memory - whether it was a celebration of learning, a testimonial of the success of the program, or an emotional slideshow for the audience.

The best part is that now it never has to end. SBAN keeps us connected. SBAN can do this only with your Club 12 support.

Don’t for get to double your difference Make double the difference! Be twice as generous! Feel two times as good! Let the company you work for match your contributions to SBAN. Just follow these three simple steps . . .

1. Ask a Human Resources staff member where you work if there is a charitable matching Gift program (hundreds of companies—large and small—have one).

2. If the answer is "yes" ask for a Matching Gift Form and complete your portion.

3. Include the form with your next gift to SBAN. That's all it takes to double the good you do! All company matching funds go to provide much needed support for the programs and operations of SBAN.

If you have any questions regarding matching gifts or Club 12, please contact me at bpeterson@sbalumni.org

Contributing to Club 12 supports SBAN’s mission to provide valuable resources to
alumni and to SB/BT programs.  There are two ways to join:

Give to SBAN in increments of $12 per month or more.  
Refer other teacher, staff and student alumni to join SBAN

Donation: You can donate by clicking the “Club 12 Join Today!” button and indicating
that your gift is for Club 12 or you can send a check to SBAN.  

Referral: You can refer a fellow alumnus to the network by sending them this  link

SBAN wants you back in the spirit of things. For the month of April, you will receive 2
Spirit Points for every $12 dollars you donate.  Contribute $120 this month and receive
20 Spirit Points instead of 10.

SBAN wants to connect with alumni you know. Refer 1 alumnus to join the network and
receive 2 Spirit Points.  Refer 4 alumni, receive 8 Spirit Points.

Spirit Points for Club 12 will accumulate in your name for your participation. In
November, SBAN will hold a Spirit Points Giveaway.  Stay tuned for more information!

Thanks for helping SBAN continue to grow. Welcome to the Club!


Our Goal...
500   Members
per month!

Help us decorate
this month's Spirit
Stick by joining

As our Club 12
membership grows,
our Spirit Stick
meter grows closer
to our goal of 500