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You can now donate two ways:
Make a donation through PayPal using any
major debit or credit card.  

Or mail your donation to SBAN, 520 East
Paces Ferry Rd., Atlanta, GA  30305
(make checks payable to S.B.A.N.)

“At SBAN, we are intent on creating new behavior among alumni.  It is not enough for alumni
to think of Summerbridge or Breakthrough as something from their distant past.  We want
them to think of the organization as highly relevant to their lives today.”
-Michael Goldstein,
Chair of SBAN Board of Directors and Executive Director of City Year, Rhode Island

Thank you for your continued support of SBAN.  It is through your continued donations that we
are able to bring our shared resources not only to each other, but also to the
Summerbridge/Breakthrough programs that are still part of the BT Collaborative.
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Contributing to Club 12 supports SBAN’s
mission to provide valuable resources to
alumni and to SB/BT programs.
SBAN 2006 Donors

Club 12 Members
Al Gonzales – Providence , San Francisco (UHS), Day School , San Jose
Alexis Ashley - Pittsburgh
Amy Valore Caplan - Denver & Providence
Amy Walia-Fazo - Los Angeles, Manchester
Andre Merriweather –  Atlanta
Andrew Kelsey -  Cambridge,  San Francisco
Barry Peterson -  Atlanta
Ben Valore Caplan - Denver & Providence
Brian Radley - Austin
Catherine Goldenheim - New Haven
Caroline John -  BT Atlanta Parent
Celeste Malone - Providence
Christina Dixon - Pittsburgh , New Orleans ( Franklin ), San Diego
Connie Chan - LA
Craig Bethel - Pittsburgh
Cynthia Krohn - Manchester
Dan Marmar –  Town School
Dana Clay – friend of SBAN
Eleanor Hicks
Erin Washington –  Atlanta
Farrish Sawyer
Felicia Lewis - New Haven, Atlanta
George Jones – friend of SBAN
Gerard Griffith –  Long Island
Henry Goodgame - friend of SBAN
Hunter Pierson -  New Orleans (Newman)
James Randall -  Atlanta, Miami, New Orleans and Philadelphia
Jason Freeman –  Miami and Pittsburgh
Jeffrey A. Grigg - New Haven, San Francisco (UHS), San Francisco Day School
Jennifer Lerner –  Atlanta and Philadelphia
Jeremy Dollar – friend of SBAN
Joel Vargas - UHS, Manchester
Kaseem Ladipo - Atlanta
Katherine Onoroto - Providence
Kelli Watts –  Atlanta
Keno Sadler -  Atlanta, Fort Worth, SB Miami
Lara Lowman – friend of SBAN
L’Heureux Lewis - Atlanta , New Haven
Lisa Napier - Atlanta
Liz Byars - Pittsburgh
Malcolm Gossett - Miami
Matt Byars - Pittsburgh
Maurice Riley –  Atlanta
Michael Goldstein – Providence
Minh Tsai - Hong Kong, New Orleans (Franklin), UHS
Nick Bassey - Friend of SBAN
Nick Lewis – Atlanta
Orleans (Newman), Philadelphia
Roberto Miki – Miami
Sam Marks - Town School
Simone Manning – Atlanta
Tania Wilcox - San Francisco (UHS)
Tiffiani Williams – friend of SBAN
Vinita Ahuja - Atlanta

Jen Huret Dulski
Lynn Sorenson
Rina Khemlani

Sam Marks; SB at the Town School
Timothy Ramler; SBAN

Andrew Prodromou
Bill Prescott
Bob Pickup
Caroline John
Catherine Lautenbacher
Charles Wright
Conrad Lautenbacher
Dameron Black
Dennis Holmes
Dorothy Hines
Fontaine Draper
Francis Cocke
Jane Black
Laura Fisher

Nicole T. Bartow
Pamela Prodromou
Sharyn Holmes
Sonya Arriola
Tiffiani Williams

California Community Foundation
Exposition Foundation, Inc
Katherine John Murphy Foundation
Global Impact

In-Kind Donors
Al Gonzales - Printing
Anonymous - Airline Tickets
Barry Peterson - Printing
Exposition Foundation, Inc - Office space and office supplies
Exposition Company - 3 brand new computers and an endless supply of Coca-Cola
Jeremy Dollar - Web site resources
Jeremy Outman – Web/Graphic Design
Joyce Briggs - Accounting
Lara Lowman - SBAN brochures
Lisa Napier - Accounting
Roger Dean – Database Support
Sharyn Holmes - Office support

SBAN 2005 Donors
SBAN would like to recognize all members,
supporters and foundations who have
graciously contributed financially or in-kind
to our success
in 2005.