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June 29, 2006
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A Message From Al
Building Excellent Schools
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A Sweet Sixteen Celebration!

All SB Manchester students and teachers, past and present, as well as those alumni from other programs now living in the Manchester area are invited to the SB Manchester Sweet Sixteen Celebration to be held on Friday, July 14th from 6 – 8:30pm at The Derryfield School in Manchester , NH . RSVP's should go to Tina Govatos at (603) 630-4126 or by email to tgovatos@derryfield.org.
SBAN's New Job/Internship E-newsletter
Looking for a job or internship for the summer, school year, or rest of your life?  Just graduated and looking to start a career?  Click here to send us an email stating you want to sign-up for our Job/Internship e-newsletter.  This new resource for SBAN members will include resume and interviewing tips as well as the latest jobs and internships made available to SBAN members!

Dear SBAN Family,

SBAN is constantly seeking opportunities to partner with organizations that will help us further our mission of developing leaders.  Below are two incredible organizations we have partnered with - we hope that by creating these lasting relationships, our members will be able to benefit professionally and personally.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have ideas about what SBAN can do to accomplish this goal.

Please note that this will be the last weekly e-newsletter until August.  During the month of July, the SBAN core staff and volunteers will be visiting SB/BT programs and the e-newsletter team will focus on planning for the upcoming year.  So stay tuned as we will likely reach out to ask for feedback/suggestions in order to generate content that is interesting and valuable to you!

All the Best,


A Message From Al

Dear Fellow Alumni,

It is my privilege to share with you two special partnerships that will support many of you in our Summerbridge Breakthrough community. Recently, SBAN has partnered with Building Excellent Schools and Lex Mundi Pro Bono Foundation, two leaders in their respective fields, to provide opportunities and services that directly support your professional endeavors.

These two partnerships are the beginning of what SBAN works to provide you, our Summerbridge and Breakthrough colleagues. We appreciate your financial support, good wishes, and personal participation. Please continue to give to SBAN so we may move forward and continue providing resources to SB/BT alumni and bringing our shared resources back to the SB/BT programs.

Best wishes,


Building Excellent Schools

Building Excellent Schools and SBAN Develop Future Charter School Leaders

SBAN is proud to announce its partnership with Building Excellent Schools (BES). Our two organizations are committed to quality educational and leadership opportunities for students and young professionals. With BES, SBAN will be able to continue the Summerbridge/Breakthrough tradition of preparing older students and teachers to become young leaders and successful educators.

BES has agreed to actively consider SBAN member applicants for its Administrative Fellowship positions. As an SBAN member, if you are interested in pursuing a BES Fellowship you are encouraged to contact Keno Sadler, the Executive Director of SBAN at ksadler@sbalumni.org.

The mission of Building Excellent Schools is to support exceptional leaders with the practical tools to develop, launch and operate a charter school.  BES wants its schools to succeed and not suffer the shortfalls in start-up that so often hinder a school—the challenges that can define a school’s culture, sometimes for its lifetime.  We believe that there are too many examples of how to do it right to allow those who decide to start a new school to experiment with design.

Please take advantage of this opportunity quickly. Applications must be submitted soon and the orientation begins August 24th!

For more about the BES Fellowship, click here.

Lex Mundi Foundation

SBAN is very pleased to announce a new relationship with Lex Mundi Pro Bono Foundation.

Lex Mundi Pro Bono Foundation is an affiliate of Lex Mundi, the leading association of independent law firms.  By calling upon Lex Mundi’s global network of 160 top-tier business law firms located in more than 500 offices around the world, Lex Mundi Pro Bono Foundation will help find experienced lawyers to provide pro bono legal services to SBAN members in need of professional legal support for their entrepreneurial endeavors.

Lex Mundi Pro Bono Foundation has entered into this relationship with SBAN as part of its new initiative to support social entrepreneurship and to facilitate the delivery of legal services to social entrepreneurs throughout the world.  SBAN is engaging with Lex Mundi to meet its mission by assisting our members and their organizations in accessing legal advice and counsel on a pro bono basis.

The relationship with Lex Mundi Pro Bono Foundation enables SBAN’s active members to request access to legal services for their social entrepreneurship.  This resource is another way to support the history of success Summerbridge/Breakthrough alumni find in their professional journeys.

For more about Lex Mundi and its pro bono legal support, click here.

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