April 28, 2006

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Dear SBAN Family,

In this and in upcoming e-newsletters, we will begin introducing you to the backbone of SBAN - our Board of Directors and the teams of volunteers they work with.  SBAN's Board of Director positions are offered to alumni volunteers who have demonstrated a strong commitment to contributing their skills, talents, time and experiences to growing SBAN.  Each of us are dedicated to the SBAN motto of "leaders developing leaders", so we encourage all of you to get involved not only to give back to SBAN but to develop professionally and grow personally.  Keep your eyes open as we post opportunities to take a leadership role in SBAN!


 Connie Chan

 SBAN E-newsletter Editor







Board of Directors         

SBAN would like to welcome some of our newest board members. Be on the look out in future e-newsletters for articles on each board member and the SBAN teams that they lead. 



 Al Gonzales

Chair of the SBAN Board of Directors 

Barry Peterson

Director of Online Giving


Event Update - Successful Meet and Greet in Atlanta!

Atlanta's alumni community kick-off this past weekend was a huge success!  The well-attended SBAN Atlanta Meet and Greet took place on Saturday April 22.  Alumni had the opportunity to come together to discuss the impact that SB/BT has had on them and the impression that they hope to make in the Atlanta area.  The Meet and Greet ended with a productive session where everyone contributed to planning future events in the area - so stay tuned! 


If you were unable to attend this event and need more information, please feel free to contact Andre in the Atlanta office at 404-495-1805.  Don't forget that the Atlanta alumni community is always looking for more volunteers, so pick up the phone and become active in helping SBAN grow!



Program Update and Call to Action - Breakthrough Washington D.C.  

Breakthrough National’s outreach effort to start a Breakthrough program in Washington, D.C. is starting to produce some great prospects.  We are in the process of narrowing down a list of potential partnerships to a few select organizations.  One of our key potential models in starting a Breakthrough program in Washington D.C is the new middle school started by HowardUniversity, HowardMiddle School of Mathematics & Science (called (MS)2 and is located on Howard’s campus.  They are very interested in the potential of starting a Breakthrough program at their school (see http://www.howard.edu/ms2/).  

The head of the school (Dr. Paul Organ) and Chief Academic Officer (Dr. Marjorie Lloyd) would like to hear from people and organizations that know of Breakthrough, including alumni.  We would love to have any Breakthrough alumni contact Paul and Marjorie as soon as possible, and ask that you just tell them about your Breakthrough experience and voice your support for starting a Breakthrough program in Washington, D.C.

Here is Paul’s and Marjorie’s contact info:

Dr. Paul Organ


Dr. Marjorie Lloyd



Jumpstart For Young Children


Jumpstart is a national nonprofit organization engaging young people in service to work toward the day every child in America enters school prepared to succeed. Jumpstart's Neighborhood School Success Initiative represents a new opportunity to enable widespread neighborhood and community transformation through powerful early education programs that aim to reduce the achievement gap through interventions that precede kindergarten. Through the Neighborhood School Success Initiative, Jumpstart is transforming entire neighborhoods by committing to partner with every eligible preschool in need of Jumpstart’s services within Bay View and Visitacion Valley.  Jumpstart is seeking an Early Literacy Manager to build relationships and networks in Bay View and Visitacion Valley to ensure that existing and potential resources for families are accessible to and utilized by members of the targeted communities.  Please click here  to learn more about this position and how to apply.


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Breakthrough Fort Lauderdale's Aaron Bass is Appointed to Mayor's Education Advisory Board.


We are pleased to announce that Aaron Bass has been appointed to the Mayor's Education Advisory Board of Fort Lauderdale. His duties will include advising the mayor on issues related to public schools in Ft. Lauderdale.


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