April 6, 2006

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Hello SBAN Family, 


It’s been a funny SBAN day.  I think I walked past Trina Bolton (KC’s (BT Atlanta teacher) sister) as she was running today.  Is she in DC?  Also, John Rock (BT Atlanta teacher) ran by me—I don’t know if he remembered me or not.  Also, Al Gonzalez (Founding Director, BT San Francisco Day) worked at the school my college roommate (and Helen O’Reilly’s (SB New Orleans (Newman) teacher) former roommate too) went to, and lives where my cousins did until a month ago.  Small world”

This recent email from Vinita to Keno nicely sums up many of the calls and emails we have received from SBAN members.  Lately, we have been running into each other more and more while in lines to the movies, in classes at school, or in Vinita’s case, while watching the Cherry Blossom festival in Washington, DC

I personally have also enjoyed getting to know our members through common interests while searching the SBAN member database.  For example, I am very interested in teaching in Japan and came across a member who taught in Korea. Through conversations with this member, she helped me understand the necessary steps to reach my goal.

I encourage all of you to spend some time in the new, easier to use, Member database.  Once you log in, you will immediately see a personalized welcome page that will allow you to view and update your profile as well as search and view other member’s profiles. 

I have also improved the SBAN Forums that now allows all of us to discuss any topics we feel are important to us as members.  In the SBAN Forums we can reminisce about our former students and teachers, share our thoughts on pressing issues in education, ask advice from our ever growing SBAN community and much more!

As always, if you have any questions on how to upload your picture or update your profile please feel free to email me at tramler@sbalumni.org.


Yours truly,


Tim RamlerTim “The Tech Guy” Ramler


SBAN Alumni Community Events



Alumni Community Meet And Greet Event

The SBAN Atlanta community is up and running and will host our first Meet & Greet at the SBAN office at 520 East Paces Ferry Rd, Atlanta GA, on April 22nd at 2pm. Please RSVP by clicking here if you are able to attend. Remember, this is open to ALL SB/BT alumni and friends who live in the Atlanta area. So, we look forward to seeing all of you alumni and friends from California, New York, Florida, Hong Kong and all other programs in the collaborative who have found a home in Atlanta on April 22nd!




Gloria Estefan Will Speak at SB Miami Graduation

Gloria Estefan will be the guest speaker at the SB Miami Spring Graduation Celebration on May 3rd at 6pm. For more information call: (305)460-8821.


Breakthrough Fort Lauderdale's 5k Run With The Mayor

Come join Breakthrough Fort Lauderdale as we run for education on Saturday, May 20th at the Coral Ridge Mall. All proceeds from the event will benefit the students and teachers of Breakthrough. Our dual mission is to prepare students for college and prepare college and high school students for careers in education.




The First Annual SBAN New York Fundraiser

Darren Isom (teacher, SB New Orleans (Franklin) and SB Miami) is organizing the first annual SBAN New York fundraiser for all alumni living in New York. If you are interested in helping organize this event that will be held on May 8th please email Darren at disom@sbalumni.org.



SBAN's Featured Opportunity: Assistant Director, Summerbridge San Francisco

May 2006

University High School wishes to announce a full-time opening for the position of Assistant Director of Summerbridge, a year-round academic enrichment program for high achieving, low income middle school students from local public and parochial schools. Summerbridge combines a six-week academic summer school with an after-school
program, Saturday enrichment classes and high school counseling to prepare students for success in rigorous high school programs. The Assistant Director works with the Director to plan and run the program and is primarily responsible for four essential areas:

  1. recruitment and admission of students;
  2. high school counseling;
  3. the administration of year-round after-school classes and tutoring program and
  4. student issuess during the Summer program.

In addition the Assistant Director serves as the face and voice of the Summerbridge office, answering phones, preparing correspondence, managing files and databases, and providing other support for the Director.

Candidates should possess a B.A. and have excellent writing, public speaking and interpersonal skills. Successful candidates will be attentive to detail, highly organized, capable of managing multiple projects and meeting deadlines, and independent in their work habits. Past experience in teaching or school administration is preferred;
familiarity with a Summerbridge/Breakthrough program is highly desirable; and an entrepreneurial and collaborative spirit is a must. Candidates should have strong computer skills, particularly with Microsoft Excel and Word; familiarity with database programs is desirable.

Because San Francisco University High School is a college preparatory school, we seek employees who are well educated in their disciplines and devoted to the love of learning. Throughout the school, we seek to hire adults who are stimulating and supportive in their work with students and who share our belief in the moral and educational value of diversity.


If you are intersted in applying for this position please log-in and visit the SBAN Job Forum.







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    Phone: 404 495 1805

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