June 15, 2006
Summerbridge Breakthrough Alumni Network
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  • Club 12 Updates
  • Featured Opportunity - Founding Master Teacher

Dear SBAN Family,
As the summer season kicks off, you will start seeing more and more updates about current SB/BT programs.  If these updates bring back fond and vivid memories that make you want to get involved again, now is the best time to reach out to programs in  your neighborhood to find out exactly how!  SB/BT directors are ready and willing to connect with alumni in their areas.
Also, we will now be sending out the e-newsletter on Tuesday's starting June 20th. Expect to continue seeing exciting articles about our very own SBAN members, SB/BT programs and upcoming Alumni Community events as well as some special announcements in the near future.   Be sure to check out the changes we’ve made to the SBAN web page including new links to the SBAN Forums, the e-newsletter archives and an easy-to-use e-newsletter online registration so your fellow SB/BT alumni can sign-up and stay connected. 


This summer is going to be filled with SB/BT Spirit, student and teacher enrichment and community celebration.  Get connected…stay involved…and most important of all, have fun!
All the Best, 


Club 12 Updates
Double the Difference You Make Today
Make double the difference! Be twice as generous! Feel two times as good!  Let the company you work for match your contributions to SBAN. Just follow these three simple steps . . .
- Step One -
Ask a Human Resources staff member where you work if there is a charitable Matching Gift program (hundreds of companies—large and small—have one).
- Step Two -
If the answer is "yes" ask for a Matching Gift Form and complete your portion.
- Step Three -
Include the form with your next gift to SBAN. That's all it takes to double the good you do! All company matching funds go to provide much needed support for the programs and operations of SBAN.
If you have any questions regarding matching gifts or Club12 please contact me at bpeterson@sbalumni.org
Wishing you all the best,
Featured Opportunity - Founding Master Teacher

The Founding Master Teacher's primary responsibility is to educate each student to his highest ability, mentor a Founding Teacher, develop and implement Septima Clark's curriculum, and be unrelenting in achieving our mission. A Master Teacher is the lead teacher of a classroom teaching team. 
See the Job Forum for more information.


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City Year
Metro Atlanta YMCA
The Associate Executive Director is concerned with achieving the purposes of the organization relating to membership operations. The YMCA is aware of member and community needs; the challenges and resources both human and physical.

City Year

The New Teacher Project
With the conviction that the recruitment and retention of effective new teachers must be an integral aspect of any school reform movement, TNTP is dedicated to ensuring that all of our schools are staffed with highly qualified teachers. 
- Leaders Developing Leaders -
Phone: 404 495 1805