June 8, 2006
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Dear SBAN Family,
SBAN's alumni community team has been working hard to bring alumni together at fun-filled events near you!  Based on all the wonderful feedback from last week's e-newsletter, we will keep you updated on SBAN events taking place across the country.  We invite you to contribute to SBAN's important work of connecting alumni with one another and to the SB/BT programs in any way that you can including attending local events, volunteering for special projects, spreading the word about SBAN to your fellow alumni, or donating financially.
All the Best, 

SB Sacramento PromoGrad 2006
On Saturday, June 3, Breakthrough Sacramento students participated in an exciting celebration in their honor.  Our 8th graders who are going on to high school were promoted and our high school seniors graduated.  And for the first time ever, our lucky high school graduates walked away with one-of-a-kind SBAN membership cards.
The PromoGrad was hosted in the home of one of our new SB faculty members.  He is going to be a senior next year and his mother is a trustee of the school.  Before he joined SB, his mother did not know much about SB, but she is now one of our greatest fans! 
Our generous hosts gave our students an opportunity to socialize and participate in team games.  They also made sure our students were well fed throughout the day!  The highlight of the event was the awards ceremony during which our teachers presented students with certificates and gifts as well as special words for the students whose lives they touched and were touched by.  Each student also received a bag with symbols for them to carry into their new adventure including SBAN membership cards for graduates.
BT Fort Lauderdale Students Score High On FCATS!
We just received all of the FCAT scores for our students in the program. 60% of the students showed improvements in reading.  The class average jumped from 71% in 2005 to 77% in 2006.  Of those who did not make gains this year their average loss was 6%, some of whom still scored in the 90's.  81% of our students showed improvement in Math.  The class average jumped from 73% in 2005 to 80% in 2006.  Of those who did not make gains this year their loss was an average of 6%.   We plan on working with all of the students over the course of this coming year to continue to show gains for all of our students.  We can also boast that we have retained 100% of our first class.

Career Week is planned for July 10-14. We are still looking for speakers to come and speak to small groups of students from 1-1:30.  Speakers would share insights and wisdom with children who are making their career plans in middle school.


Club 12 Updates
One slow Friday afternoon at work, I felt a tinge of SB/BT nostalgia that made me want to reconnect with SB/BT.  Since SBAN did not have a website at the time, I gave my former Executive Director, Keno Sadler, a call to catch up.  When he told me about SBAN, I was more than happy to get involved. 
Not only does SBAN have a website now, I have also reconnected with Keno and many others from my site.  What’s even more exciting is that I’ve been able to meet other program alumni and teachers across the country.  SBAN members are able to share a wealth of knowledge, resources, and good company all online!
Having a way to stay connected and involved with SBAN has opened up a whole new world for me, and our hope is that you have the same experience.  SBAN is here for you whether you are interested in reconnecting with old friends, making new ones, volunteering, or all of the above and more.  The best part is that SBAN's success is the result of our shared love for SB/BT, so please show your love by supporting SBAN through Club 12 (CLICK HERE).
Wishing you all the best,
Featured Opportunity - College Access Assistant/Americorps*VISTA

College Visions, founded by former SB Providence teacher and Dean of Students Simon Moore, is going to be hiring a VISTA in the near future - doubling the staff in an instant.  He is looking for someone who is energetic, creative, and believes in social change through education….basically, an SBAN member! 
Please click here for the full job description or contact Simone Moore at simon@as220.org for more information.


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City Year
The New Teacher Project
The New Teacher Project (TNTP) is a nonprofit consulting organization dedicated to partnering with educational organizations to enhance their capacity to recruit, select, train, and support new teachers effectively.

City Year

Hillside Family of Agencies
For anyone looking for work in fundraising and development that directly benefits children and families, there is an opening at the Hillside Family of Agencies for a Grants Specialist.
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