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Current Volunteer Opportunities

Jennifer B. Lerner

Farrish Sawyer
  • Recruits and maintains contact with primary
    local volunteers
  • Reports to Executive Director
  • Ensures that all SBAN needs are met by
    appropriate volunteer or volunteer team
  • Reports to Regional Coordinators
  • Assist communications team in transmitting
    information to volunteers and members
  • Ensure that volunteers have enough
    communication with SBAN to be aware of
    SBAN volunteer opportunities
Technology Volunteer
  • Reports to Communications Volunteer
  • Assist technology staff  in developing web site
    and other technical media
  • Train local volunteers to use the database and
    to use the website
Public Relations Volunteer
  • Reports to Communications Volunteer
  • Understand SBAN spiel
  • Be willing to go to
    Summerbridge/Breakthrough sites to discuss
    SBAN with potential members and donors
  • Maintain contact with communications
    volunteers and with member recruiters
  • Reports to Regional Coordinator
  • Recruit members at Meet and Greets
  • Recruit members over the internet
  • Encourage members and volunteers to bring
    other alumni on as members
Lost Alumni Tracker
  • Reports to Member Recruiter
  • Develop list of past alums from local sites
  • Track down lost volunteers through online
    searches, individual contacts, etc.
  • Pass information on to communications and
    recruiting volunteers
Local Events Volunteer
  • Reports to Member Recruiter
  • Organize Meet & Greets
  • Organize local social outings or events for
    SBAN members
  • Organize sites for volunteer training sessions
  • Reports to Regional Coordinator
  • Recruits volunteers at Meet & Greets
  • Recruit volunteers over the internet
  • Encourage volunteers to bring other members
    on as volunteers
  • Be responsible for volunteer intake process
  • Maintain communication with volunteer
    contact so that all new volunteers receive
    communication from an SBAN member
Volunteer Contact
  • Reports to Volunteer Coordinator
  • Contacts new volunteers to assess their
    interests and thanks them for getting involved
  • Contacts volunteers when specific volunteer
    job opportunities present themselves
Volunteer Trainer & Job Supporter
  • Reports to Volunteer Coordinator
  • Train volunteers to do their jobs
  • Hold volunteer training sessions
  • Maintains contact with ongoing volunteers to
    ensure continued satisfaction and
    appropriateness of volunteer position
  • Go-to person when discussing volunteer